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My Changed Perspective

My Changed Perspective.

My perspective has changed a lot ever since I joined the class. I thought this class would be about keeping the world green and keep it alive, which this class is about but way more. We are learning to be sustainable in many different ways, learning how some products are made and going to Vancouver to see what the city is doing to keep green. The CIRS building caught my attention when the presenter was explaining to us how the sewage that was captured and then turned into heat. I liked how instead of transit for transportation they are using the subway, sky train and 2 go cars which are cars that people can use to travel but buy a monthly fee to use them. Everything in Vancouver was very convenient people hardly had to drive to get what they need such as groceries, cloths, utilities etc.  a lot of people do not know how to treat the earth with respect and care, but being in this class has taught me to be a better role model for those that don’t know how to and that need to start. Environmental Studies is a class that I really enjoy being in and having fun and making new friends, but mostly has taught me to be a better person in the environment. 


Sandy’s devastating tree legacy, and what homeowners can do to prevent a ‘next time’During storm season, trees can become a treacherous liability, but there are ways homeowners can keep the beauty and shed the fear by following a few simple rules.
bamboo flooring is more expensive, but its eco-friendly

this video is realy inspiring to everyone because maybe one day this may happen…you never this!


Squish-Faced Cat Embroidery by catrabbitplush in Melbourne, Australia.

Made as part of the ‘Needlework Needleplay’ Embroidery exhibition held at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne for the month of August.

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"“It is the worst of times but it is the best of times because we still have a chance.”
-Sylvia Earle"